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Joel E Ferris High School
Classes of 1966 - Present

Deceased Classmate: Gullixson, Bruce
Date Of Birth: 1-1951
Date Deceased: 7-2007
Age at Death: 56
Cause of Death:
Classmate City: Spokane
Classmate State: WA
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No
Survived By: Bruce is survived by many, many friends and his brother R. L. Gullixson of Amarillo, Texas.

Born to Captain Russ and Elizabeth Gullixson, Bruce was a life resident of Spokane, Washington and a citizen of the universe. A graduate of Ferris High, Bruce conducted his life as if on a continual expedition to seek, find and understand knowledge, truth and beauty in all things material and ethereal. He valued entities whether necessary or whimsical. Bruce's myriad friends and his family benefited from his approach to all matters and personal relationships that left no one worse and most better off for knowing him. Mischievous and gregarious, it was important to him that everyone have a good time. At various points in his life Bruce was involved in many pursuits and businesses; from charitable fund raising, silver mining, entertainment and special events, small business owner, corporate sales, product R&D in electronics, biocides and related chemical applications, marketing, promotion and cutting the deal were his forte. Published on 7/22/2007


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