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Chris Wasserman
Class Year: 1995
Spouse/Partner: Not whipped yet. I am not going to be either
Occupation: Solar bio fuel research (Chris, you will never amount to anything if you don't learn REVIT)
Children: At the Subway in Ellensburg, "Which way to Yakima?" God I wish that blonde bimbo, weirdo, pervert bad More…actress hadn't walked up to me. That one has the acting capacity and talent of a amateur porn star. I can understand now why she has to pay guys to marry and go out with her. And her bald motorcycle riding ex husband left her (yes, I saw you outside the Cenex). I am sick of this, stay away from me. Or blonde bimbo actress (cookies) at the Subway on 57th. No, I haven't produced or abandoned any illegitimate kids with a crazy, vindictive woman (another blonde bimbo actress). I haven't been conned or trapped by a viscous, vengeful little snit (blonde bimbo actress) and her idiot family into raising someone else kids. Can you imagine the lowlife washed up actress that would plan to try to con and trap some guy into thinking that he was the one who got her pregnant, and then dump the kid on the guy who wasn't the father. Your little plan didn't work did it. I feel sorry for her kid having a lowlife mother like that, what chance does he have? She will dump him first chance she gets when he is older. I have enough sh!t in my life without a little Blonde Bit#h like that adding to it. It's not the first time that kind of thing has happened to me. What is it that makes me a target for these crazy (I mean real crazy,) bimbo actress's? The absolute worst was the one at the CENEX on 57th who showed up with her husband and bodyguard and tried to hit on me. Her husband offered me his wife, that was too weird even for me. That bimbo makes me want to vomit. The only thing that was almost as worse were these psycho women's soccer players. One, being the ultimate narcissist/reject, (ponytail flip in the library) and the other being the ultimate thug/degenerate. Get a life, stop looking to me to fix your problems. I have more than enough problems in my own life without these women adding to it.
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Spokane Falls community college/Washington State Univeristy

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minor in Fine arts. BS.Arch St. B.Arch first professional degree {C+ grade point average}

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Had my primary goals in the educational system been to get stoned and drunk, and went around raping women, then I would have been set for life. But you know, I am just not into that sort of thing. The administrators give people awards for doing things like that. I can't believe I was told by these idiot, corrupt administrators that I should be thankful for what I had to go through at these dumps of a schools. And that I needed to donate money to them. "If your not doing B.I.M. then your not doing architecture." "But all those theory classes prepared me for a six figure salary, but all the money I spent on drafting (video game) software guarantees I will make it to retirement, or is it all a big lie?" "Only an idiot produces something that people want, can afford, and use." "Architecture is not about producing something that is build able, practical, and economical, It's about wasting gigantic sums of taxpayer money on buildings that people can't afford, and use." "CGI is not the same thing as a video game." College and Architecture school is not about developing skills and earning degrees. It's about walking around campus, inside and outside buildings and encountering excrement on the ground. And wondering, is it human or animal? It's about reading stories of r a p e and assault in the editorial section of the campus newspaper, and of victims puking their guts out. It's about reading stories on a person talking about their new shoes that are the color yellow (that's front page news). Yeah it was a good choice on my part attending that school, no regrets. The Administrations in these schools should be ashamed of themselves for all the crap that has gone down in the last 30 years. They blame the teachers, yet take no responsibility for their own actions. I feel sorry for anyone going through these schools, students and teachers. Is it too much to ask the administrations to just do their jobs? Apparently so. Also the damage caused by all this video game Dilbert crap to architecture and cinema has been done, and is permanent. I was into research, building wooden models, drawing, that sort of thing. For the life of me I wasn't into smoking dope and getting drunk. For the life of me I just never understood the fascination with throwing up on oneself, and defecating in public and thinking others would find it funny, go figure. But hey, maybe that's just me. There is nothing quite like waking up to the smell of human excrement in a dorm room hall at one o clock in the morning while the fire alarm and sprinklers are going off. "I don't think that student was being a team player when they did that." "That's not being collaborative." Good times. "You are not being a team player, and you have a bad attitude." "You should be thankful for what we have done to you, and you need to donate money to the school." "You said the computer is not a 3d medium and compared it to video games?" "Well, you are not allowed to make a living because of that." "So what if solar and bio fuel are now multi billion dollar industries just like you said they were going to be and have created hundreds of thousands (millions) of jobs." "You are still are not allowed to make a living because you don't like making video games." "You just don't understand and appreciate interdisciplinary linkages between disciplines." "Someone took a dump in the shower." "Let's celebrate the undergraduate experience." "Ryan L--f, he should run for governor." "Your primary concern is graduating, and having a living that no one can screw around with and take away? What a dork." "It's no big deal to go ridiculously in debt, I will worry about that later." "Yeah that kid I produced and abandoned will be OK, It's no big deal to do something like that." "Unlike you. I have enough sense to spend all my time and money on drafting software, because I know there will be a big payoff with that in the years to come." "But all those theory classes prepared me for a six figure salary, and all the drafting (video game) software I have bought guarantees I will make it to retirement." "Your S.A.T. scores indicate that you will probably not even graduate, or amount to anything. And those scores are always an accurate predictor of success." "Only an idiot produces something that is practical, build able, and economical." "So what if you were advised into the wrong classes the first year you were here, and now are going to have to repeat a year. Life's tough, get used to it, that's not my concern." Talk about an advising system that is second to none!!!

Awards and achievements:

Graduated from the two year gladiator academy (Sacatraz) before Ferris. Oh the memories. Graduated from Ferris even though I almost flunked that last semester of English because I fell asleep while listening to a speech about the importance and relevance of Beowulf/Mythology in every day life. I noticed that teacher no longer is at Ferris. I wonder why? Maybe she's an administrator now. She had the potential and mindset. If it wasn't for the drama teachers class that I transferred into two weeks into that last semester I would have been held back a year, That drama teacher was one of a few teachers at that school that was still human. A few of the art teachers were human also, most of the rest of the faculty I could have done without.

What I've done since high school:

Went to the local community college for a year after high school. Then transferred to WSU (that was a mistake on my part). Started the architecture program as a freshman with about 250+ people. Did not get accepted into the second year on my first try. Retook some classes and applied the next year and got in. graduated from the Spokane campus in 2002 with a class of about 40. There were about 12 of us in Spokane. Avoided smoking dope, binge drinking and VD, unlike most of the people I went to school with. I haven't gone around raping women. Stayed out of jail/prison and debt. I haven't produced or abandoned any illegitimate kids, falling behind a number of my peers on that one. Graduated from architecture school, which was just a hazing process at the end. Those Gay semi porn films were really relevant to architecture and construction. Lived in a dorm where people were urinating, defecating, and vomiting all over the place (even in the showers) for several years. Don't forget to wash your shoes. No bare feet. Got really tired of listening to countless people go on and on about CGI (video game junk) and how great it is. I never really enjoyed listening to the powers that be go on and on about how the WSU 1998 NFL pick was a hero and a role model for others. That went on for years on end. Maybe the powers that be can give him another book deal. God knows they didn't do enough for him, and absolutely nothing for everyone else. It wasn't like that at all. I graduated almost last in my architecture class even though I was the only one who met the deadlines and completed the thesis on time at the Spokane campus in 2002. I noticed that the Architecture program at WSU Spokane was shut down a while ago. I can't imagine why. It was run by such incredibly intelligent people. Its not like they were idiots who couldn't understand basing someones grades in part on whether work was turned in on time or at all. It's not like that all. It's not like I watched people not even turn in a thesis and get straight A's and graduated with honors. No way that was going on. I enjoyed it. I completed 5 years of research work on solar energy from summer of 2002 to 2007. Then 2 months of bio fuel research from November 2010 to December 2010. I wonder what kind of impact it had? It helped a lot of people out, except me.

Goals for the future:

My priorities for the future. I want to work in a place where I am treated like sh!t and forced to spend my entire paycheck on the latest sh!tty video game software from Autodesk. Forget about food, shelter, and heat. I want to work in groups where nothing gets done and I have to do the work of 4 or 5 other people. I want to defecate in public on a regular basis. I want to screw people over who don't see things as I do, and force my personal beliefs on everyone else. I want to take as many standardized tests as I can that don't have any relevance in the real world. And by all means I want to turn work in 3 months late and incomplete all the time and get rewarded for having done so. That's what went on in the educational system. I want to get married and divorced to a vicious evil little bimbo who will take me for everything I have. I want to have a bunch of baby mamas who will drain me dry. I want to have to put up with the in laws from hell who will make my life miserable. I want to be in debt for the rest of my life. I want to have a bunch of bratty little kids and grand kids. So it must be like that in real life? I would like to limit the number of idiots I have to deal with on a daily basis. I know that is asking a lot in life, but I am going to try. To never again have to listen to theory and CGI (video game) lectures. I am not going to listen to anymore idiots going on and on about the power of BIM, the importance of REVIT, what a joke. I have never once gone around using theory speak to dupe gullible politicians and business people to waste gigantic sums of taxpayer money on video game garbage that they can't even use, and or afford. The computer geeks ruined architecture, they ruined cinema too with a that video game crap. The research work I did on my own (and didn't patent, we all know what happens to people who have independent thoughts) without all the BIM and REVIT crap helped generate how many millions of jobs, helped add how many billions of dollars to the economy? And my career gets obliterated by the theory, computer, Dilbert freaks because I didn't like making video games in groups with all the BIM and REVIT crap. Thanks, I really appreciate that.


"What kind of an idiot graduates from college and takes any responsibility for their own life?" Frat guy outside of the student bookstore says, "Yeah, 38 girls got knocked up by some guy they don't even know." Architecture school is about watching gay semi porn films, it's about watching Hitchcock films, it's about psycho analysis lectures. It is not about learning anything practical or marketable. You mean there's drug use in college? It can't be, it just can't $%^& be. Looking back on it, it was a 20 year hazing process that just got worse with time. No I didn't enjoy that. No I am not going to donate money to these schools. Although the administrations thought I should. You got me as to why. I haven't gone around wasting gigantic sums of taxpayer money on video game theory garbage. I haven't conned/duped people into wasting gigantic sums of money on something that looks like a wadded up piece of trash. Not that any of that has any value in today's society. You get punished for producing something that is build able, economical, and practical, while beneficial to society The architecture community won't put up with or allow that sort of thing. We all know that.

It could be worse though, I could be a snake oil salesman saying we need to be driving on solar panels. That we need to be driving heavy objects on 1/2 inch glass or whatever. The genius behind that idea is staggering, maybe they should give that clown a Nobel? Yeah, we can solve all the worlds problems by driving really heavy vehicles on solar panels. What a joke. How many people has that clown ripped off now, 49,000? And I get hassled because I am not going around ripping off people like that. I get hassled for just wanting a living and to not have to deal with idiocy like that.

Dealing with the computer fanatics is like dealing with religious fanatics. For some reason the computer geeks are completely obsessed with forcing all their bull$%^ ideas and beliefs onto everyone else. I don't think the computer geeks have any idea what the word "tolerance" is.

School Story:

If it was up to the dumb, corrupt, a$$hole administrators in the educational system that I had the misfortune of going through I would have been dead on the street at 13 years old. These idiots think they can run everyone else's lives, when they can't even run their own. Graduating from school is a important. But It's also a farce too. I still have nightmares about what I had to put up with. And no, I don't think I should be thankful for it, or donate money to these idiot corrupt administrations. No, I am not going to produce and abandon any kids. Not now, not ever. I am not going to sit in front of a computer making video games in groups and calling it architecture, while ripping off and conning taxpayers out of gigantic sums of money. Just to appease the clowns in the architecture community. I won't do it.


"I woke up tired and cold from having to get up earlier at one o clock in the morning because someone had taken a dump outside one of the doors down the hall and then took a torch to the sprinklers. I then walk down the hall, being careful to avoid the urine and puke stains to get to class, to be one of a few to turn work in on time and completed. When others turn in nothing at all an get straight A's. I then get to be reamed out for not being a team player, lacking collaborative skills, and having a bad attitude. Later in the day I listen to news reports hailing the success, hard work, and dedication of the local quarterback in the 1998 NFL draft and how he should be looked at as a hero and role model for others. At the end of the day I go back to the dorm from hell to get some sleep. Finally being able to at 2 in the morning when it finally shuts the f#$% up."

Yeah, I need to be thankful for things like that, and not be angry that my career was obliterated because I said the computer is not a 3d medium. Those were good times. I'm grateful.

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