Inquiry to other "73 alumni
Posted Thursday, March 8, 2012 05:47 PM

I'm curious how other graduates of 1973 feel about this "All Class Reunion".

Would you be likely to attend both our 40th Reunion and this All Class Reunion during the same year?  Personally I want to still have our own reunion, and decide later whether to attend the all class one later, depending on how it plays out with different functions, etc.  I would hate to think this All Class Reunion would take the place of our own smaller one, since there wouldn't be the same chances to see and talk with only our class members.

Please reply with your ideas/preferences.  Also if you're one of our previous class officers who may already be involved in preliminary planning for our 2013 reunion, please reply to assure the rest of us that you still intend on having our own, either as one separate day of this larger one, or as a totally separate occasion.


Jim Hasstedt