Classmate Profiles (Year Unknown)

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James Edward Bowden    
John Bursch
Mark Busch   
Charles Calkins
Christian Cummings   
Gary Evans   
Max Green   
Bruce Gullixson   
Christine Hanson (Meek)   
Joseph Higgin   
Denise Hoban   
Kenneth Larrigan   
Shelley McDowell (Stejer)
Debra Montgomery   
Thiago Okuhara
Walter Piper Jr    
Julie Praetorius   
Timothy Philip Rehder
Ashlee Robinson   
Steven Schweitzer   
Sue Ann Sims (Martin)   
James T Carter Torrez   
Heather Trujillo (Hooke)   
Kevin Twillegar   

Guest Members

Jennifer Bergheim
Tom Engdahl (Tom Engdahl Video Prod…
Dianne Fields   
Kelsey Hatch (Entertainment Warehou…
Mike Lee
Darlene Miller (Scott)  
Kenneth Shelly

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